Monika Pays Off

    Owning Strip club and casino makes some guys to invest you a lot of cash from timt to time. And from time to time you have to pay a stop by to these guys to get your cash. But not always you can get your debt by cash - this is what happened today. The man gets run off out of town and you're able to find only his wife and no cash... but shortly you understand that his loving wifey is prepared to pay her hubby's debts at other ways if possible. Only look at how hot she is - of course it is possible! The game is made as text quest - just pick one of actions or dialog lines available to produce the story go... and lead you to a run of extra hot pictures of real erotic model posing nude and also do other hot things. Also there will be few distinct endings of this story - each time you conclude the story you will see some results you can use on your next walkthrough to try to acquire an alternate endings!
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