Pimps quest

    In this sport you'll discover that pimp's existence is fairly risky. More - hazardous things may literally fall on him from over! This really in which the gameplay starts. As a participant you'll want to use arrow keys to budge pimp from danger zone and you'll have to act fast! You may come across some helpful items such as a gun for instance. Once you'll find the gun you're able to use it once you'll meet other sort of enemies which will comprehend not words precise shooting... and this you'll need to respond even quiker than previously! So dive right in to act and experiences on the roads of the city. This town will not go effortless for you if you're planning to advance at least on the 2nd degree of this match you finer be prepared to behave kind the first-ever 2nd once you dare to shove the commence button!
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  • Added: 2018-07-12
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